Meet Marlene, Producer

Q: Hi Marlène, why did you join Pretty Simple?
I was looking for an associate producer job, and I saw this ad for a mission designer job, on a criminal investigation game. I liked the way the game was presented, and so I applied for the mission designer job. When the founders saw my CV, it turned out they offered me an associate producer position. So it worked out really great!

Q: What do you like most about your job?
What I enjoy most is working with everyone, from artists to mission designers, and making sure each person has the time to do their job well, in the best conditions possible, while respecting the production rhythm and constraints.

Q: What was your biggest challenge?
A big part of my job is producing the cases for Criminal Case, and it’s a big challenge because of the complex constraints, on writing in particular. We try to do better cases each time, and we try to go further and further in the quality of the stories we can write. For example, our priority right now is developing recurring characters within both the police team and each district of our fictional city of Grimsborough.

Q: Three things you could say about Pretty Simple?
I’d say young / energetic. Cool also, because I’m not stressed when I get here in the morning. Well, of course there’s always the stress of producing the cases, but I’m happy when I get to the office every morning. The atmosphere is cool. The third thing, I don’t really know how to define it. The founders agreed to let me take a month long trip, when Criminal Case was live, already getting big, and production was in full throttle. Not all companies would be this understanding.

Q: What’s something amazing you’ve done at Pretty Simple?
Producing one full investigation a week is quite a huge thing in and of itself, we’re about 30 full-time to achieve this. Then some cases are just excellent. I’m really glad when I see we can keep on telling new stories, improving on our craft, developing Jones and the other characters, and creating this universe.

Q: What’s something amazing you learned here?
I’m not sure I can define it so easily, it’s like managing marathon runners while running myself. Producing one case a week for Criminal case means coordinating 30 people, working on five to six different cases at any given time. There’s a lot to juggle and balance for this process to run smoothly, and I’m constantly learning.

Q: Best thing about Paris?
I love the Opera Garnier area. There’s a Japanese neighborhood there that I really love. Also I used to live near the “Promenade Plantée” and I really enjoyed talking walks up there. (Note: it’s an old railway track planted with trees and converted to a part suspended walk that goes through a whole district of Paris).

Q: Anything else?
I’m happy to be able to play at every lunch time, and see so many play too, on the arcade cabinets or just cards or a board game. Also another amazing thing I saw is the dedication of Corentin (co-founder) to play Tetris every day!