Meet Tony, developer

Q: Hi Tony, why did you join Pretty Simple?
Actually I was looking for an internship, and joined the company just a couple months after it was founded. I found it very exciting that everything had to be built. So I joined for a 6 months internship, then I was hired, and I haven’t looked back.

Q: What do you like most about your job?
I like that development here is not only about coding whatever task is handed to us. We communicate a lot with QA, and we try to identify problems before they become critical. Shipping good code is actually about looking at the feature and the user experience in addition to the code. This way we can make sure that we deliver good quality for the players.
Working as a team is also something I enjoy very much, there’s a good energy and I get to learn a lot.

Q: What was your biggest challenge?
Right now it’s staying ahead of the curve with scaling on Criminal Case (note: 9 million DAUs at the time of writing), but creating the code for MyShops from the ground up was quite an adventure for me as well.

Q: Three things you could say about Pretty Simple?
Well, let’s see. There’s simplicity: when we code, we balance efficiency of the code and the time we spend on it. Coding for coding is not the point. Then I would say youth & energy, because we’re doing new things, and also we’re probably a little under 30 on average. Finally there’s ambition, from the very start we never shied from comparing what we were doing to what we saw the best do, and we tried to get to that level.

Q: What’s something amazing you learned here?
Pretty much everything actually! This is my first job, so between what I learned through my own work, the co-founders, and through the other people on the team, there’s a whole lot I’ve learned. You know, after 5 years of studying I thought I knew a lot, but when you start working for real then the gap shows. But I guess it’s the same in every company.

Q: What’s something amazing you’ve done at Pretty Simple?
On the first game, I worked a lot for the first month with Bastien, one of the two co-founders, and then I started being more autonomous. I ended up developing all the code for MyShops, and I was really happy to see it run well. I mean, my code has been played by over 10 million people and it’s still in production today.

Q: Best thing about Paris?
I actually love going for a run in the parks here. Ok, the restaurants are good too.