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Criminal Case: our path to 4M DAUs

Criminal Case continues to rise on Facebook, now standing at over 4M DAUs, a staggering 97% of which came organically. This isn’t the first Facebook game we’ve made at Pretty Simple, but it’s the one that got the most love from players. We’re very glad it did, but it’s never only rainbows and unicorns. Criminal Case is also the game on which we worked the longest and the hardest, with most of the growing team at Pretty Simple, a little over 40 people now, focusing on it.

We’re actually hoping to find another 40 people to join us over the next year. This can seem like an eternity in the games industry, but for us building a great team is a bit like creating a game, in that you have to take the time to do things right. Criminal Case is no exception in this respect, it took us a lot of time and work to find the right formula. Here’s a bit of our thought and work process.

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Criminal Case : French startup Pretty Simple creates global gaming hit

In just 3 months, French startup Pretty Simple managed to climb to the top 10 global Facebook game developers, and its flagship social game of investigation, Criminal Case, now entertains more than 3 million players every day.

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Explosive Growth for Pretty Simple’s Social Game: Criminal Case; Eight-Digit Revenue Forecast in Only 2 Months

France-based social gaming company Pretty Simple, creators of 2010 hit My Shops, has announced outstanding results for their brand new social game Criminal Case. Roughly two months after its November 15 release, Criminal Case has known an unusual success among the social gaming community, and is bound to be one of the greatest social gaming sensations of 2013.

Pretty Simple, which was founded in 2010 by partners Bastien Cazenave and Corentin Raux and is backed by Idinvest Partners, has unveiled extremely encouraging figures for this year: in just about two months, Criminal Case has reached 1 million Daily Active Users (DAU). Boosted by an explosive organic growth with no advertising associated, Criminal Case is on track to become a global phenomenon in the social gaming industry.

In addition, Pretty Simple has announced that it expects to report eight-digit revenue for Criminal Case in 2013, and to open 25 new positions in Paris, which would increase its current headcount of 35 people to 60 employees.

As of today, Pretty Simple’s clients are located in over 130 countries, and the firm’s first success My Shops counted 10 million players worldwide.

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