Criminal Case reaches 100 million players for its first birthday!

100 million Facebook users have played Criminal Case in the past 12 months. To put this in perspective, it represents about 40% of all Facebook users who play games worldwide. Add to that one of the most active game communities on Facebook, and this is a very happy birthday for Criminal Case!

Facebook players have rated Criminal Case the highest of all Facebook hit games. Players appreciate its distinctive police procedural universe, fun and accessible gameplay, and deep storyline. As a matter of fact, Criminal Case is today the only game in the world offering its players a new police investigation to play every week.

As a Criminal Case player puts it: “It’s like I’m a TV detective myself!”

The creation of Criminal Case was a big endeavor for Pretty Simple: a year and a half of work with a team that doubled in size. Since publication, one new investigation is being produced each week – each investigation representing several hours of entertainment for players.

Pretty Simple has grown steadily with the success of Criminal Case, hiring 20 new people, and planning to hire 100 more over the next two years. Revenue on Criminal Case, in the 8 digits range, is allowing Pretty Simple to keep on enriching Criminal Case with new content and features, and provides a sturdy foundation for brand new game projects.

The next step for Criminal Case is mobile, with the iOS version approaching completion. Criminal Case is one of the most hotly anticipated iOS game of early 2014, as many existing players just can’t wait to get their hands on it. Pretty Simple is hard at work to get Criminal Case ready for iOS, slated for an early 2014 release. The Android version is also in the works, for a release later in 2014.

Seeing the success of mobile gaming companies like King and Supercell, the future is full of opportunities for Pretty Simple with Criminal Case on iOS and Android. With hundreds of millions of new players able to discover Criminal Case on mobile soon, a sustained success on Facebook, and new projects coming up, creating video games in Paris has never looked so good!

About Criminal Case

Criminal Case is an original social game of investigation that has taken Facebook by storm in 2013. Each player embodies a rising star in the Grimsborough Forensics Police Department, and is tasked with solving dramatic homicide cases. Within this immersive storyline, players search for clues in hidden object scenes, analyze their finds, and advance their investigations, until they can unmask the killers.

Key facts:
– 100 million registered players
– 6M active daily players (november 2013)
– best player rating of all hit games on Facebook
– at peak, #2 most played game on Facebook, with over 9M DAUs

About Pretty Simple

Pretty Simple is one of the leading social gaming companies in Europe and worldwide. Based in Paris, the team of 50 at Pretty Simple develops and publishes original free-to-play social games such as hit investigation game Criminal Case and shop management simulation My Shops. Cofounded in 2010 by Bastien Cazenave and Corentin Raux, with funding from Idinvest Partners, Pretty Simple is today a high growth startup in the video games industry, with over 35 million Monthly Active Users (MAU).