40 million likes for Criminal Case!


Criminal Case has reached 40 millions likes on Facebook! Crossing 40 million likes means that Criminal Case now has more Facebook fans than Farmville, Playstation, The Beatles, and even Barack Obama! (source here)

We are hugely thankful for all this love from you, dear Criminal Case players, but you have gone above and beyond in many other ways! When we see the warm, friendly and diverse communities that you have created around our game, it’s nothing short of amazing. Everyone here just loves seeing such a positive community for Criminal Case. Our creative team is particularly fond of all the reactions we get to see in the groups, and the fan art, videos, and everything else. You are awesome!

We hope you’ll find the new cases, and the latest twists in the story of Grimbsorough, as fun as when you started playing! We have exciting new things coming to Criminal Case in the very next months, including of course the iPhone and iPad version of the game, so stay tuned!