Criminal Case receives “Game of the Year” award on Facebook

100 million people have played Criminal Case on Facebook in the last 12 months. They have given Criminal Case a very high quality rating, and their love for the game has allowed Criminal Case to become “Game of the Year” 2013 on Facebook.


Criminal Case was crowned Game of the Year by Facebook players, with worldwide hits like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans in the running as well. This award comes right after Criminal Case was recognized by the French videogames industry as the “Best social and web game” of the year, during the Paris Game Awards.

These awards recognize the exceptional quality of Criminal Case, which Paris-based Pretty Simple created, developed, and published. With its police procedural universe, Criminal Case appeals to players all around the world, who enjoy conducting police investigations, and unmasking killers. Criminal Case is currently available on Facebook, and is coming to iOS in the very few months.

Criminal Case on mobile is highly anticipated by its many fans. Players are particularly fond of the atmosphere of police investigation that feels right, the fun and accessible gameplay, and the interwoven storylines. Moreover, Criminal Case is the only game that offers a new police investigation every week, much in the manner of a TV series.

Pretty Simple is growing continuously thanks to its latest success with Criminal Case. The team is now 50 people strong, and 100 new hires are planned for the next two years. Criminal Case has generated a revenue that will be superior to 10 million euros in 2013. This allows Pretty Simple to continue enriching Criminal Case with new content and features, and it provides a strong foundation for the development of Pretty Simple’s next games.